Underwater Commercial Photography

29th January 2016

Underwater commercial photography

Water, water everywhere but not a drop on our cameras! – Underwater Commercial Photography with a difference!

Last week we returned to the fabulous Aquatheatre in Bourne. www.aquatheatre.co.uk.  The owners of the Aquatheatre recommended us as an Underwater Commercial Photographer to their client Obart Pumps. They had requested exceptional quality under water images of submersible pumps. Their plan was to drop them into the tank with us capturing them as they broke the water surface.  The images would then be blown up to create an impressive 10 x 3 meter conference stand backdrop. And if you look at the mock up of that finished stand below, I think we can proudly say that it is going to help them stand out from their competitors!

The Aquatheatre is the UK’s largest portable tank with all round visibility. It enables us to shoot underwater commercial photography, whilst keeping our cameras dry and safe on the outside. This in turn means that we can go all out and use our very best commercial photography equipment on jobs like these.

We took our Phase One XF camera with IQ250 digital back, which delivers 50 mega pixel images that enable us to maintain quality even when printed at large sizes like these. The camera was also tethered to a 27” Eizo colour calibrated monitor, so our client could view all of the photographs in real time as they were taken. We could therefore be sure that we had the shot before moving on to the next.

Every day has it’s challenges and at this occasion a purpose built rig had to be made in order to control the heavy pumps as they dropped into the water.

There are so many different kinds of shoots we could create in the Aquatheatre. One of our clients is thinking about setting their drum kit, complete with drummer.  However, the tank is also ideal for Fashion Photography and Editorial Photography. Infant, the possibilities are endless.

So if you feel inspired and would like to find out more about underwater commercial photography then why not send us an email or give us a call. Let us know all your crazy ideas so that we can help you make them happen!




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Our new commercial portfolio for 2016 has arrived hot off the press and now you can download a copy in PDF



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