Commercial Photographers, Dwelling on Furniture Photography!

Furniture Photography for the new range from Dwell.


Product Photography can test any commercial photographer. Dwell has tested us with many shiny and reflective surfaces including mirrors and glass tables over the last 6 months.

Our Milton Keynes Studio has seen lots of large and bulky items too, including large corner sofas and triple wardrobes which have all been shot in our white infinity cove.

Dwell’s furniture is cleverly designed with clean lines, clearly defined colours and eclectic materials.  They have a massive range selling on internet as well as in their showroom stores.


image051 image057 image049

As furniture photographers, we take care to light the product correctly from all angels, to show the true colours of the object, as well as making sure the reflections are lit in a way that gives credit to the natural beauty of the material.

We are also had the pleasure of shooting a range of armchairs and sofas covered in a luxury velvet fabric. Naturally we were careful to ensure that the velvet all sat the same way and the cushions were styled perfectly before each shot. Great preparation is always essential, and it can save us valuable time in post production!


Companies often add more products to their range in the new seasons colours. We tether our Phase One Medium Format cameras to colour calibrated monitors  so that we can see the images as they are taken. We can overlay an old picture of the same piece of furniture, taken at an earlier occasion. This way, we will always be able to recreate an earlier shot, making sure that the angels and lighting are identical.

We used this process for the velvet covered sofas. We had shot the same sofas previously, covered in another material. It would have been almost impossible to get the angels right without the use of an overlay function. Without it we would have still been there today readjusting the camera or the images would have not looked correctly aligned when seen side by side on the web page!

If you are in the market for new furniture we recommend a peak on Dwell’s webpage. Not only is their furniture well designed and built,  they also have a sale on at the moments you could save a few pounds too!!

If you have any products that need pack shot or commercial photography please contact us in the studio for a quotation. We love the challenge product photography delivers, so why not test us with your large, small, shiny and reflective products today!

image103 image064   image020




Commercial Photo Studio


Our new commercial portfolio for 2016 has arrived hot off the press and now you can download a copy in PDF



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