Facebook Live – Stand out from you competitors with dynamic live productions

27th February 2017

With the increasing influence of social medial in today’s marketing mix it’s now more difficult than ever to stand out from your competitors.  Facebook, Instagram and other channels have launched live video communications for brands brave enough to engage with its audience in real time.  It’s a great way to build a social media presence and done correctly can help you win new followers and convert more of your existing friends into your customers.

At Uniquecapture we have embraced the Live experience and are utilising the very latest technology to make your Facebook live videos as dynamic and engaging as possible.

We imported the worlds first dynamic FB live camera from America.  It allows us to cut, pan and zoom, live during your live video, as if you were on TV being filed with multiple cameras.  This creates a much more engaging video and helps to draws the viewers attention towards your key messages.

We had our first live client experience with the camera this morning.  I even got persuaded to step the other side of the camera to for a bit of live action too!   Having seen the results I am much more comfortable behind camera, but it was good to experience the buzz “going Live”

Check out how I got on in the video below.

Behind the Scenes footage from Facebook Live

Cooking in our kitchen set offers a lot of potential for live broadcasts.  Flushed with success from the first video we tried a quick live sample in the Uniquecapture kitchen.  This allowed us to be a lot more dynamic than the first test with the camera following my trips to the fridge, microwave and chopping board.  I don’t think Jamie Oliver needs to worry about my cooking presentation skills but I hope that the video below gives you a taste of what could be achieved.

If you have a meeting, event, service or product that you feel would benefit from a dynamic FB live experience then please call us on 01908 227755.  Pricing is charged by the hour and as there is no after shoot post processing required it’s a cost effective solution too!






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