Gambling On Commercial Product Photography………Red Or Black?

29th April 2017

We had some rather large casino tables delivered to our studio for product photography recently.  Although nothing was left to chance! for 2 days of product photography.    The articulated lorry arrived at 8am on the first day so the team from TCS John Huxley could start unloading the roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables.  It’s a good job they brought a large team as the tables were not only very large but also very heavy.  The rest for the morning was dedicated to constructing the tables, connecting up the electronic displays and cleaning to ensure that everything was in great shape before the packshots began.

Check out our behind the scenes video below……..



From a commercial photography perspective this was going to be a tricky one.  The tables were super highly reflective with lots of glossy black areas.  There were also glass backlit panels displaying the company logo, large reflective LED panels showing the gaming information  and projection lights that displayed information of the gaming surface.  Our brief was to capture all of these element, showing the tables at their very best for both cut out product shots and creative stylised images.


We always shoot tethered in the studio with our Phase One IQ250 camera connected to a 27in 5K iMac.  With the marketing, product and technical team from the clients present, tethered shooting enabled everyone to check that the tables were represented correctly from both a visual and technical aspect.  Our biggest challenge was lighting the different elements of the table to deliver wow value shots, but at the same time avoid reflections in the LED screens, glossy black areas and glass panels.  As you can see from the behind the scenes video we had lots of bounced lights and moveable walls in action on the day to achieve the final images.


We were super pleased that our newly installed blackout system had been installed earlier in the year.  Each table had lots of it’s own illumination that also needed to be captured.  From betting information projected onto the tables to gaming monitors and backlit glass we had to capture it all in one shot.  We used our Profoto Acute D4 power packs to provide light where we wanted it and dragged the camera shutter to capture built in illumination from the tables own lights.  This effectively allowed us to balance the Profoto lights with the ambient capturing the image in one shot.


A big thanks to everyone that helped over the two days.  This had to be one of the most challenging shoots we have embarked upon at Uniquecapture.  The reflections, inbuilt table lighting, screens and sheer size of the tables meant that everyone deserved a well learnt beer arrester the final shot was taken.


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