Let there be light! – Photographing lights for Christmas

2nd December 2016


Photography of light’s at dusk can be a challenge….

Lights are beautiful! We surround ourselves with them everywhere. Especially at this time of year when the darkness creeps over us early afternoon already. But capturing the glowing lights and the surroundings provides it’s own unique set of challenges

Recently we spent two full days photographing lights on location outside Bedford with lighting company Lyco. In the evening we really got our chance to capture all those beautiful bulbs and lanterns in action!  We had to work fast.  It gets dark so quickly at this time of year so we only had a few minutes to capture the lights.   We had spent most of the afternoon setting the lighting displays up in different areas of the garden.  As dusk came we spent the next 45minutes running from set to set before it was eventually too dark.

In some instance we used our new Rotolight Anova Pros to provide some additional fill light.  The great thing about the Rotolights is both the light intensity and colour temperature can be finely controlled to match the lights from our subject and not overpower the light immeted by the lights we were photographing.  In some instances the Rotolights were set at 1% power!

If you looking for some great lights for you garden this year then why not visit Lyco on their website http://www.lyco.co.uk – it is well worth a look, especially this season as they have a whole section dedicated to Christmas lights!




When we came back to the studio there where still plenty of lights that needed shooting. Our Milton Keynes Photography studio has a lot of natural daylight.  However we have recently installed a black out system that enabled us the capture moody shots of the lights against our rustic wooden board.

On location or in the studio we aim to deliver the best commercial photography and videography services.  Our photography studio is based in milton keynes, Buckinghamshire, although we welcome the opportunity to travel should you need us to shoot at your venue.



Commercial Photo Studio


Our new commercial portfolio for 2016 has arrived hot off the press and now you can download a copy in PDF



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