Unique designs captured in our pack shots – Lip smacking Pack shots!

23rd February 2016

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Lip smacking Pack shots !

As a Commercial photographer quality is one of our top priorities. We only use the best equipment and work very hard to deliver the best pack shots every time. We want to become the UK’s best pack shot photographer and work hard every day to ensure that we pay close attention to the details as well as the overall concept.

We were therefor proud to be asked to photograph over 150 of LuLu Guiness’s iconic handbags.  We love working with all types of business, big and small. However, it is always a real privilege to work with an iconic brand or designer.

To find out more about their amazing products, why not visit their website to see this seasons range. http://www.luluguinness.com

LuLu’s perspex lips clutch has seen the red carpet more often than most celebrities have! Her handbags and accessories are sold not only in her own shops but also in some of the worlds most exclusive fashion stores. They have been decorating celebrities arms for over twenty years and are regularly seen carried by Helena Bonham Carter, Florence Welch, Katy Perry, Dita von Teese, Alexa Chung and Christina Aguilera, to mention a few. Her designs are bold, elegant and colourful. Full of humour, and so unique!

It is a joy to photograph beautiful products like these although unwrapping,cleaning, padding, styling, hanging handles, and re wrapping requires a committed team of assistants to ensure that each packshot is a perfect representation of the product.  After the shoot all of the pack shots are painstakingly cut out from the background using the pen tool in photoshop so that we can deliver the the finished image with a transparent background.

At our commercial photography studio we love variety and Lulu Guiness handbags gave us the opportunity to deliver some lip smacking pack shots.

At Uniquecapture we won’t purse our lips at handbags!

For more info on our pack shots or commercial product photography please visit us at www.uniquecapture.com or call us on 01908 227755






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