Coffee is hotter than it’s ever Bean! Packshot Photography on a white background.

30th March 2016

Packshot Photography Packshot Photography – White Products On White Backgrounds!

We were recently asked by Lyons coffee to shoot a series of packshots. Their new restyled white packages were required to be shot against the white studio background to form a crisp and contemporary look. We use the best cameras and lightning to ensure that our product photography always comes out top quality, just like the Lyons coffee!

The trends in UK coffee have changed over the last decade.  We remember asking our customers if they took their coffee black or white, with or without sugar. But that was once upon a time…

The Bosch bean to cup coffee machine in our Milton Keynes studio reception now makes Espresso, Capucchino, Machiatto, Latte, and we sometimes we even add drops of vanilla, hazelnut or caramel to make it extra special for our clients!!

However, coffee is now hotter than ever, and it is the sophisticated “Coffee Cupping” that is coming into Vouge.

Coffee cupping!!!……Well we had never heard of it until recently…. Think wine tasting, but with coffee. Sipping coffee in a café whilst enjoying a bit of gossip with a good friend is long forgotten. Now we shall go to cupping events, where deep sniffing and lots of loud slurping are the essential elements to a successful evening!

“Ahh… I needed that” is NOT what is said whilst cupping! No no, you will be expected to describe your brew with a little more finesse. Words that are used can for example be lively, fresh or tangy; and categories such as body, aroma, flavour, liveliness and aftertaste are used to structure the process!

Packshot Photography

Lyons coffee has roasted coffee beans in the UK since 1904, so have seen most coffee trends come and go. It is however important for Brands to stay current, and we feel that their fantastic new packaging, and a revamped website. It is well worth a look at

We photographed packshots of their beans in the new packaging using a Phase One, 50 MegaPixel, IQ250 camera.  It enables us to reproduce colours accurately and capture imagery with the finest of details. We hope the finished photographs are as fresh, sophisticated and as on trend as their coffee!

As product Photographers it is important to ensure that packaging is crease free and lit well. We take great care to create an image that is true to the product but also shows it at it’s best

If you are looking for a professional product photographer, or pack shots of you products why not give us a call in the studio. You can always book a consultation with our creative director, and I’ll promise to brew up some lovely coffee!



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