Working Within Amazon Photography Image Guidelines To Convert Browsers Into Buyers

7th September 2016

Amazon Product Lifestyle Photography

Premium Amazon Lifestyle Photography

Does premium Amazon photography increase your on screen conversion rates?

We are often asked by new Amazon Retailers if we can help convert browsers into buyers with outstanding product images.  The simple answer is yes.

Lifestyle product shot of a tea strainer, with Logo clear in focus.

Lifestyle product shot of a tea strainer, with Logo clear in focus.


Amazon image guidelines are very strict and extremely clear on what is and isn’t allowed.  We have become experts working within these guidelines to help your product stand out from your competitors.  From baby products to wine pourers we have worked delivered product and lifestyle imagery in most of the Amazon categories.

We merge our years of marketing experience with the highest quality photography equipment to create Amazon images that deliver a return on investment.

We have had some excellent feedback on the many Facebook Amazon forums recently and have multiple referals from one Amazon seller to the next.

We work with plenty of household brand names , but we love working with small businesses and get a real sense of achievement when we see our images helping you to grow your business.

So if you need product pack shots, lifestyle photography or product videos why not give our creative director a call to discuss your Amazon photography needs.

10 Reasons to Call Us About You Amazon Photography
1.  Photos that meet all Amazon image guidelines
2.  Premium quality Amazon Pack Shots that help turn browsers into buyers
3.  Amazon Lifestyle Photography aimed at you target market and audience
4.  Amazon Product Videos that make complicated products look simple and easy to use
5.  Video based Amazon 360 degree product spins
5.  Fixed pricing based upon volume
6.  Fast photography turn around time (usually within 48 hours)
7.  Remote service, or visit our dedicated lifestyle studio
8.  Optimised image size for immediate upload onto Amazon
9.  Warm friendly service from a business who cares
10.  Many recommendations and references we are happy to share with you from our existing Amazon sellers

Recently we were contacted by a new Amazon Seller called ‘A kitch hen’. They wanted us to help their wine aerator stand out from competitors products on an Amazon search.  It was also critical to illustrate how the product works and demonstrate the amount of air the gadget infuses into the wine.  We shot the pack shots in our light tent to avoid reflections and make the plastic look as glass like as possible.  We then took the product into the studios kitchen set (the same one we use for Bosch, Hoover and AEG photography) to take the lifestyle images.  We hope that the images speak for themselves, but with our fixed pricing and a fast turnaround it makes good financial sense too.






pack shot photograph for amazon retail

Detail shot to illustrate the workings of the product

lifestyle photograph for amazon retail

Lifestyle image of wine aerator in our kitchen set


pack shot photograph for amazon retail

pack shot for amazon retail




Commercial Photo Studio


Our new commercial portfolio for 2016 has arrived hot off the press and now you can download a copy in PDF



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